Happy Adoption Day



It has been a crazy year with this little fur ball. She is not a little fur ball anymore and with all the fur that we find on the floor, on our bed, in her kennels, and on our FURniture I am amazed that she still has fur on her body.

In the past year she has been to the vet too many times count, found some new friends, ate lots of leaves & sticks, learned to sleep in a kennel without crying, and found 2 scorpions for me to kill. She also learned some tricks and that begging for food is not polite. She has her mom and dad trained that when she runs to her bed she wants a treat, that she will only take her medicine when it is covered in peanut butter, and that it is a horrible thing to not give her an ice cube when filling our water bottles. She even learned how to swim at the lake, jump off the boat, and learned how to ride a tube. The last time at the lake she decided to swim after a few ducks and would not come back. I had to chase after her across Lake Pleasant to get her back. She now swims with a rope attached to her life jacket. She has not learned to come back on command yet. We are working on that.

IMG_3763Her mother and I learned that jumping off of a long board when the dog is pulling you around the block will not end well, that 5 am does in fact come every morning, and that the sound of a dog puking in the middle of the night is better than any alarm clock ever invented. I learned that I can wake up 4 times in one night and still be able to function at work. We also learned some things about ourselves as parents. We found out that I am over protective and her mother is more laid back. I would have thought that this would be the other way around. We also learned that Christina’s socks must taste good and that they should not be left on the ground. We learned that training a dog is not as easy as my dad makes it look and that Home Depot is better than a dog park on a hot summer day.


Over the past year there has been an abundance of laughs, smiles, licks, & nibbles, and even a few tears to keep it interesting. Our first year as parents has been a challenge but we would not change it for the world.

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