Lessons Learned From Camping In The New Trailer

Three weeks ago my dad surprised us with our very own trailer. We had been looking for a few months and had not found anything we liked. Christina and I decided to wait a few more months and see what would become available.

My father had a different plan. He found our trailer, went to look at it, bought it (we had to pay him back), brought it home, and even lets us park it at his house. He must have really wanted us out of his trailer. Every time the family went camping we all stayed in my parents trailer. Now that we have our own trailer he said that Emmy can stay with him but Christina and I have to stay in our trailer.

This past weekend thefamily went up North to Flagstaff to initiate the newest addition to the trailer family.

Much was learned, lots was drank, and the laughter was abundant.

  1. You will forget something important. It is okay and odds are someone in the group will let you use theirs. This was the case for us with the absolutely important, coffee creamer. Thankfully we all like the same creamer so a coffeeless morning was avoided.
  2. Ice down your drinks at home before you leave. Not thinking ahead I left Phoenix with empty ice chests. This did not seem like an issue until we were all set up and a beer seemed like a good idea. This was when I realized that everything I brought was warm and nothing was iced down. OOPS! Father in law to the rescue. He iced his drinks down 3 hours prior in Phoenix.
  3. Bring enough to share. We have a large family. This goes with out saying. If you think 1 loaf of bread is enough, bring 2.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 8.24.41 AM
    Why are we leaving dad? I wanna stay!
  4. Let your dog be a dog. This is a hard lesson for me to put into practice. I am very protective of our lab Emmy and try to watch her all the time. On this trip she got into some stuff that a wild animal left behind in the forest. I spent the last day of the trip stressed out and watching everything Emmy did. The hardest advice from my dad for me to practice is to “let Emmy be a dog”. This is something that I am still working on.
  5. If you take a beer, leave a beer. Something that my uncle and I enjoy is trying new and strange beers. On this trip I had some new ones to try and offered them to my uncle. It was not until we got home and were emptying the ice chests I found one bottle of Alaskan IPA. The only person that brought Alaskan was my uncle. When he drank one of my beers he left me one of his. Now I get to enjoy an Alaskan IPA as well.
  6. Take lots of pictures. We still go thru the pictures several weeks later and laugh.
  7. Have fun. It is times away with family and friends that we will remember when we are older.

We are looking forward to many more camping trips with our new trailer. There will be lots of good times in those 4 walls atop those 4 tires and we cannot wait for them.

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